We will guide you how to make a website with no coding required in 5 minutes


Do you want to have a website with shopping capabilities? Yes; this is called an eCommerce website and we will show you how to do it and no coding required. 

To have your own website you need to have the following prerequisite requirements.
1. Domain name - This is the name of your website example www.wedevlops.com 
2. Hosting company - This is where you saved the files to run your website if you do not have your owned server. 
Both requirements are needed to have a website. Both of these prerequisite requirements we also offer. For more information on this please drop us an email. 
Note: If you purchase both of these prerequisite requirements to us; we can install the quick start for you for FREE. 
Third requirements are the design and the program to make your website running smoothly. This is what we called the quickstart package. 
Here is the available quickpakage we offer for eCommerce websites. Click here
Here is the next step to have your website up and running in 5 minutes. Just follow our video tutorial. 

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